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Managed File Transfer and Network Solutions

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JSCAPE products not affected by Heartbleed vulnerability


The Heartbleed vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) was recently made public and has been known to affect a large number of applications (client and server) utilizing the OpenSSL library and SSL/TLS.  This vulnerability potentially exposes sensitive information stored in memory normally protected by SSL/TLS such as private encryption keys and user credentials.

How To Set Up and Login with OpenID SSO

openid web sso managed file transfer server settings resized 600


Over the past few weeks, we introduced you to the basic concepts and benefits of OpenID, SAML, and SSO in general. Today, we finally get our hands dirty as we dive into the JSCAPE MFT Server environment and teach you how to enable OpenID Web SSO there. After that, we'll show you how your users can login using their own OpenID account. 

What is OpenID?

openid rp op resized 600


Web SSO support comes to JSCAPE MFT Server in the form of two widely accepted standards: OpenID and SAML. Earlier this month, we already talked about SAML. So now it's time to get acquainted with OpenID.

JSCAPE MFT Server Plugin for Outlook 3.0 Released

jscape mft server plugin for outlook

JSCAPE is pleased to announce the latest release of JSCAPE MFT Server Plugin for Outlook. This version (3.0) includes several improvements, the most notable being added support for Outlook 2013 and the ability to perform ad-hoc file transfers using either of the available REST or WebDAV services in JSCAPE MFT Server.

What is SAML?

assertion authentication


The latest version of JSCAPE MFT Server (8.8) already supports SAML Web SSO. Although we introduced SSO and its benefits in previous posts, we never went into the details of specific Web SSO standards like SAML and OpenID (also supported by 8.8). But in order to take advantage of any of our Web single sign-on features, you'll need to have at least some basic understanding of each of these two standards. Today, you can start with SAML.

JSCAPE MFT Monitor 3.0 Released

download load testing software

JSCAPE is pleased to announce the release of JSCAPE MFT Monitor 3.0. This release includes several enhancements, the most important of which is a new web based interface. The web based interface eliminates the need to install client software allowing users to manage JSCAPE MFT Monitor from anywhere using modern web browsers. Additional enhancements in this release include:

2 Ways to Generate an SFTP Private Key

key manager


One of the major security features of SFTP is public key authentication. This method of authentication allows JSCAPE MFT Server to verify a user's identity during login by asking for a secret item only he, the user, has. That something is an SFTP private key file. But how can a user get hold of such a file?

How to Perform an Android File Transfer

navigating folders android file transfer


In a previous post, we taught you how to set up an Android file transfer service on JSCAPE MFT Server as well as how to install and configure its client app on an Android device. However, we never went into the details of an actual upload and download process. This post should take care of that.

How to Set Up a Web File Transfer

mft server settings


In this post, you'll learn how to set up a web-based file transfer service using JSCAPE MFT Server. A web file transfer will allow your users to perform file transfers without having to install a file transfer client. To transfer files, they'll just need to fire up their favorite Web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

5 Big Business Benefits of Using SSO (Single Sign-On)

sso examples


Although it's been around for quite a while, Single Sign-On or SSO has just started gaining widespread adoption. But it's spreading real fast. In fact, if you surf the Web everyday, I bet you've seen many websites inviting you to login using one of these ...

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