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"Using JSCAPE MFT Server we have experienced reduced workload and administration, increased customer satisfaction, faster turnaround for requests and a more professional presentation with company branding."

Bruce Bean
Maxwell Technologies

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"We researched MANY different applications in pursuit of a file transfer server application that was not only secure, but met our needs as far as user isolation, virtual directories, and integration with MS SQL. JSCAPE MFT Server exceeded our expectations with advanced security features to help us pass a recent VISA PABP audit/certification. We are also able to address our customers' issues quicker than we had in the past by using triggers to notify our Customer Service Department when files are uploaded for advanced troubleshooting."

Asa Engleman
Gateway Ticketing Systems

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"Using JSCAPE MFT Server, customers are now able to connect easily. Verbose logging support has helped to identify any client connection issues, and JSCAPE has provided outstanding support in resolving any issue we encountered."

Ron Dumont
Merchant Link

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"I downloaded the trial version of Secure FTP Factory in order debug an issue, I was pleasantly surprised to see how intuitive the product and its documentation were. It saved me an awful amount of time by not trying recreate my own code in order to debug the problem, instead it was just plug and play!!.  Support provided for trial version was indeed remarkable and the live online help was groovy!.  I would definitely recommend your products to my colleagues within my company and outside and you guys keep up the good job!."

Balakrishnan Viswanathan
Tibco Software Inc.

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"Great tool (Secure FTP Factory) ... we are very impressed with it's performance & flexibility."

Aaron Fleming

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"SSH Factory turned out to be very helpful in a medium size project we had since the integration platform we use (webMethods Integration Server) did not provide a built in telnet client. It was very easy to come up to speed with."

Peter Steneld

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"Secure FTP Factory has allowed us to quickly and easily distribute sensitive information to our customers securely across the internet. Secure FTP Factory was easy to implement into an existing project that used an unencrypted ftp library."

David E. Berry
Chief Technology Officer
Synchronoss Technologies, Inc

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"As a user of the AnyClient Enterprise, we found exactly what we had been looking for after a long time searching. Nothing else had all the features, flexibility and configurability that JSCAPE's AnyClient Enterprise provides. Users on several of our web sites have found the applet invaluable for 'bulk uploading' of images folders at a time, saving time and money for them. The online help and technical support was beyond reproach. Absolutely 10 out of 10! Every time we had questions, we used the online live help, and always received the perfect answer quickly."

Abel Haslett
Image Net Ltd

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"Secure FTP Factory is a very intuitive, easy to use API for FTP connectivity. No need to worry about low level protocols, they've taken care of all of the work for you."

Justin Westbrooks
Anderson Merchandisers

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"With Secure iNet Factory I was able to complete a crucial task at work using the tool. Fantastic piece of software engineering. I had no trouble implementing the API into my code. I would recommend it to anyone."

George B. Lewis
Southern Co.

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"I have been very pleased with your software (Secure iNet Factory). We went live with your software on June 24th, 2003 and we have yet to encounter any problems that required support."

Mark Ahnell
HiringAide, Inc.
Chief Information Officer

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"Even though our website is not yet fully functional, our clients are already loving the ability to send artwork directly from their own computers to our servers. We have had a fantastic response, and when we are fully operational I expect this little applet will save us thousands of pounds in postage and running around collecting disks from our clients. The applet was intended for our e-commerce clients to use, but everyone loves it. It is so easy and really works well. Thank you to everyone at JSCAPE."

Kym Hotham
Sales & Marketing Director
Infiniti Group - UK

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"I have been very pleased with the support services that I have used. The library (Secure FTP Factory) has performed very well in our product and meets all the requirements we had. It has also saved us time by not having to implement the functionality ourselves."

Eric Reiners
Serena Software

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"The JSCAPE Secure FTP library solved our problems, quickly and easily. We hit one really weird snag, and the JSCAPE support engineers provided a fix within 24 hours. It's been running in production now for 5 months, and we've never had a problem. Congratulations on a robust and capable product."

Howard Treisman
Technical Director
Avoka Technologies

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"I have recommended your program (AnyClient Enterprise) to many of my customers. Before using the applet I had to spend a lot of time on the phone explaining to customers how to use an FTP application to get their images to our in-house lab. Now all I have to do is direct them to the applet on our website. I no longer have spend countless hours on the phone and our website traffic has increased significantly. I will be using this applet to develop websites for other photo labs. I can't think of one thing I would change. Thanks for a great product"

Mike Kline
Service Manager
Armadillo Photo Supply

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"Having used the FTP component of Secure iNet Factory in a large enterprise program I can attest that Secure iNet Factory is both reliable and robust whilst also featuring an easy to use component architecture. Being a relative beginner in Java I received first-rate support and would not hesitate to buy the program again."

Dave King
Regal Software

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"I needed some interface for executing Rsh commands. Wanting to stay with pure Java I 'googled' (this step was the hardest one ) and came upon JSCAPE. Download, copy/paste example, modify few lines and forget.  It worked flawlessly for a trial period. And again, almost the same procedure purchase, download, install and (the sweetest part) forget... It works without reminding me about itself for almost an year now."

Nicholoz Kiknadze

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"Thank you for your product and service. Secure iNet Factory is very good product, it has met our requirement and integrate well with our system."

Dang Quang Luong

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"Easy to configure and straight forward to use."

Johan Nyman
Media Vision Group | MVG

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"R&W are very happy with our Secure iNet Factory purchase. In short, it's excellent and has been of great benefit to our business."

Rob Rutter
R & W

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"AnyClient Enterprise is a great value to our company. We actually have built a login screen in order for our Clients to login securely to their FTP directory without any hassle. Our clients did not want to purchase an external FTP product. So this AnyClient Enterprise is great."

Bruno Servello
SMR Tytrek Marketing.

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"I believe the JSCAPE Secure FTP Factory is a easy-to-use reliable sftp client api. It has helped us getting a stable ftp solution for our system ... the support from JSCAPE has been very fast every time I have had some issues."

Per Wicklund
Proceedo Solutions AB

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"(Telnet Factory for .NET) I was a beginner with and I had no problem working my way through problems and challenges."

Dale Liebrecht