When SFTP isn’t enough— Signs you need an MFT Solution

Updated by Kyle Lapaglia on

For the past few decades, many organizations have used the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) as their main file transfer solution. It’s more secure and less prone to connectivity issues than the archaic File Transfer Protocol (FTP). However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that SFTP is also starting to age. Companies struggle to meet today’s business needs and use cases with purely SFTP-based solutions.

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MFT Gateway vs. SFTP Server: Key Features and Differences

Updated by John Carl Villanueva on

Some people are unsure of the difference between MFT Gateway and SFTP server. These are two distinct applications with different core functionalities. Combine them, and you’ll get a more secure, compliant, and highly available file transfer environment.

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What Port Does SFTP Use?

Updated by Van Glass on

By default, SFTP (SSHfile transfer protocol) uses port number 22, but can be configured to listen on ports other than port 22.

SFTP only requires one port for moving data over an internet connection, making SFTP more secure and easier to use than other file-sharing protocols, such as FTP/S, which require trading partners to open a range of ports behind their firewalls.

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A Guide To Transferring Files Using A Windows SFTP Client

Updated by John Carl Villanueva on


Windows, including Windows 10, lacks a built-in SFTP client, making it challenging for users to securely transfer files to an SFTP server. This post guides Windows users on setting up an alternative solution for secure file transfers.

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