JSCAPE Certifications

As a leading vendor of managed file transfer software with more than 1000 customers in 57 countries worldwide, JSCAPE is committed to ensuring that our products comply with file transfer protocol and security standards.

OFTP2 Interoperability

JSCAPE has demonstrated compliance with the OFTP2 (Odette File Transfer Protocol V2) specification as published in RFC-5024, in accordance with the test scenario as described in OFTP Interoperability Test - Test Cases V2019.





FIPS 140-2 Compliant

The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 is a US government standard that details the minimum security requirements for cryptographic libraries that protect sensitive data.

JSCAPE incorporates FIPS-140-2 validated libraries into its products and services.

Secure File Transfer Features and Benefits

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Free license

Fully functional free Starter license with support for up to 3 users

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Authentication mechanisms

Authenticates users and machines in a transaction using mechanisms like usernames and passwords, public key authentication, digital signatures, LDAP, and Web SSO.

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Access control

Ensures that specific files, directories, and other resources on the server are accessible only to those with the right authorization

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Data-in-motion encryption

Secures files as they travel through the network and protects them from unauthorized disclosures along the way. Data-in-motion encryption is usually provided through protocols like SSL or SSH.

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Data-at-rest encryption

Protects files from unauthorized disclosures while stored on the server. Data-at-rest encryption is usually implemented through technologies like OpenPGP.

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Logs record file transfer events and provide auditors, tech support staff, or digital forensic experts a reliable digital trail to investigate if something goes wrong.


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Data Loss Prevention

In highly regulated industries, certain types of information require exceptional levels of protection. DLP is a feature that automatically detects sensitive information and performs the necessary actions to secure it.

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Integrates with several antivirus software and performs automated virus scans to ensure all uploaded files are free from malware.



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