PGP vs GPG: The Key Differences Explained

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Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) are two cryptographic software tools that enable data encryption, authentication, and integrity. These tools primarily secure email communications and transfer files. In the case of the latter, PGP and GPG can be particularly useful in providing data-in-motion security for unencrypted file transfer protocols like FTP and HTTP. They also provide data-at-rest encryption for files stored in a file transfer server.

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How to Prevent Sniffer Attacks with Encrypted FTP | JSCAPE

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A lot of people who often send files love FTP. The File Transfer Protocol allows users to transmit volumes of files over the Internet through uncomplicated FTP clients, some of which are already built-in in the two popular operating systems, Windows and Mac OS X. Sadly, this well-loved technology is not very secure. That's why people who craft regulations like PCI DSS are wary of it. They know that an attacker armed with a packet sniffer can easily obtain usernames and passwords just by sniffing an FTP connection.

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