Secure File Transfer

Secure file transfers are extremely vital to enterprise-class business processes. Only a secure file transfer can ensure that the data exchanged between two trading partners is accurate, on time, unaltered, and safe from unauthorized disclosures.

For companies covered by regulations like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, EU Data Protection Directive and others, which have stringent requirements for securing certain types of data, secure file transfers are a must-have.

A truly secure file transfer for enterprise-class businesses consists of several components, some of which are outlined below.

Secure File Transfer Features and Benefits

bullet square blueFree license - Fully functional free Starter license with support for up to 3 users

bullet square blueAuthentication mechanisms - Ensures that the users and machines involved in a transaction are really the ones they claim to be. Some of these mechanisms include, usernames and passwords, public key authentication, digital signatures, LDAP, and Web SSO

bullet square blueAccess control - Ensures that specific files, directories, and other resources on the server are accessible only to those with the right authorization

bullet square blueData-in-motion encryption - Secures files as they travel through the network and protects them from unauthorized disclosures along the way. Data-in-motion encryption is usually provided through protocols like SSL or SSH.

bullet square blueData-at-rest encryption - Protects files from unauthorized disclosures while stored on the server. Data-at-rest encryption is usually implemented through technologies like OpenPGP.

bullet square blueLogs - Logs record file transfer events and provide auditors, tech support staff, or digital forensic experts a reliable digital trail to investigate if something goes wrong.

bullet square blueData Loss Prevention (DLP) - In highly regulated industries, certain types of information require exceptional levels of protection. DLP is a feature that automatically detects sensitive information and performs the necessary actions to secure it.

bullet square blueAntivirus - Integrates with several antivirus software and performs automated virus scans to ensure all uploaded files are free from malware.

JSCAPE MFT Server supports all of these features and so much more.

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