Dedicated to the Integrated: New Release for JSCAPE MFT Server 2023.3 and MFTaaS 2023.2

Featuring new integrations for both MFT Server and MFTaaS, plus additional protocols and domains for MFTaaS

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As 2023 comes to a close, JSCAPE is excited to announce more integrations for MFT Server and MFTaaS, as well as a wider variety of protocols for MFTaaS. With this update, easily connect to more of your existing solutions while maintaining a strong security posture.

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New Integrations for MFT Server and MFTaaS

Simple credential management and robust file security are crucial to MFT, so you get another integration to help you meet these goals. You can now access credentials stored in CyberArk Password Vault from JSCAPE, helping you stay secure and compliant more easily while simplifying credential management. This third password vault integrated with JSCAPE is joining the existing AWS Secrets and Microsoft Azure Key Vault integrations. 

JSCAPE has also tightened its integration with leading workload automation platform ActiveBatch. ActiveBatch customers can now enjoy a bidirectional, full integration with JSCAPE to automate processes and job execution, giving complete visibility and increased efficiency across your workload automation and MFT solutions. 

Expanded Protocols and Domains for MFTaaS 2023.2

In addition to the above integrations, JSCAPE SaaS customers can now integrate with local storage so that all files appear as local storage. This allows you to perform trigger actions and automation without requiring creating both network and local storage, making navigating and using the solution easier than ever. 

For those who prefer to segment their business using separate domains, MFTaaS 2023.2 can now support multiple domains. Keep files from vendors, agencies and even internal business units separate  – and, therefore, easier to manage – by setting up your MFTaaS instance with multiple domains.

Lastly, MFTaaS customers can engage in a wider variety of trading partners with new bidirectional support for OFTP2 protocol and Agent protocol. OFTP2 is commonly seen in the European automotive industry and industries with European-based supply chains. For those of you with challenging remote file transfer needs, Agent protocol is an excellent solution if you need to send data from a remote location (such as an oil rig or cruise ship) back to a server without needing an FTP server. 

More to Come in 2024

We hope these new features and integrations help make your file transfers more efficient and secure. We look forward to delivering new features and capabilities to you and your organization in the new year!