JSCAPE Version 2023.1 and 2023.2 Now Available

With the release of JSCAPE 2023.1 and 2023.2, you get more power in more places, with a new environment for deployment, as well as new ETL capabilities. Microsoft Azure users will also enjoy a new integration designed to make managing credentials easier than ever.
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JSCAPE 2023.1 | Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS)

JSCAPE is now available in SaaS, expanding the choices of environments in which to deploy the solution: on-premises, private cloud, hybrid or SaaS. This SaaS solution (also known as Managed-File-Transfer-as-a-Service or MFTaaS) is perfect for organizations that have limited IT bandwidth, limited office space, security or compliance concerns or fully remote employees – especially those that want to reduce their burden in managing and troubleshooting their MFT solution.

Learn more and see how JSCAPE MFTaaS can help simplify your file transfer needs with our fully-managed SaaS MFT solution

Why should I choose MFTaaS / SaaS?

JSCAPE supports a variety of trading partners using multiple types of protocols. The low-code/no-code workflow automation capabilities, REST APIs and single pane of glass visibility into all processes and automations makes working with JSCAPE easy on your teams. Putting JSCAPE’s power in a new MFTaaS environment gives you more choice and flexibility in your MFT solution while adding all the benefits of SaaS: 

  • Access the software from anywhere online; no downloads or installation needed
  • Onboard quickly – even if you’re migrating from JSCAPE’s on-premises environment
  • Reduce IT team involvement and troubleshooting
  • Eliminate the need for custom-coded in-house software solutions

JSCAPE 2023.2 | ETL File Transformation & Microsoft Azure Key Vault Integration

Using the built-in ETL file transformation tool, you can now extract, transform and load data from your trading partners in the following data formats: database, JSON, XML and CSV. You will see this within JSCAPE as newly added functions and actions in the Triggers module. This new feature makes processing data from your trading partners easier than ever, with no need for a third-party file transformation tool.

For our Microsoft Azure cloud users, JSCAPE can help you stay secure with its newest integration for Microsoft Azure Key Vault. This integration means that credentials stored in Azure Key Vault can now be retrieved in all Trigger actions, trading partners and network storage. Improve your overall security posture while reducing your credential management effort by taking advantage of this new feature, especially for Microsoft Azure + JSCAPE users.

We hope you enjoy the newest release and look forward to expanding on these capabilities in 2024.