How to simplify IT complexity with a secure file transfer service

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In an era dominated by digital transformation and the exchange of sensitive data, the security and efficiency of file transfers have become top-of-mind for IT leaders in enterprise-level organizations. When managing complex IT environments requiring robust, reliable, and secure file transfer protocols, you may face mounting pressures.

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Data streaming vs. store-and-forward : Ensuring secure data transfers | JSCAPE by Redwood

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Secure data transfers are pivotal for maintaining a competitive advantage in our swiftly evolving digital landscape. As cybersecurity challenges rise and the shift towards cloud-based ecosystems continues, your strategy for secure data streaming becomes a cornerstone of business operations. It integrates advancements in data security and considers the implications of AI and automation on cybersecurity.

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When SFTP isn’t enough— Signs you need an MFT Solution

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For the past few decades, many organizations have used the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) as their main file transfer solution. It’s more secure and less prone to connectivity issues than the archaic File Transfer Protocol (FTP). However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that SFTP is also starting to age. Companies struggle to meet today’s business needs and use cases with purely SFTP-based solutions.

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