About Us


JSCAPE was founded in 1999 by Van Glass, its current CEO and Chief Architect. Like many businesses, JSCAPE was born out of necessity. In the late 1990s Glass was in need of Java based code for sending email messages using the SMTP protocol. The Java programming language was still in its infancy at the time and few options offered the desired functionality, so he decided to write it himself. After public feedback and several iterations JSCAPE and its first product were launched.

As demand for support and additional protocols grew so did JSCAPE, hiring its first employees in 2000, many of whom are still with the organization today. JSCAPE focused its efforts on developing platform-independent networking libraries and expanded its component suite to include client protocols such as FTP/S, SFTP, IMAP and HTTP/S for both the Java and .NET frameworks.

The Pivot

As competition in the networking components market increased, JSCAPE recognized that commoditization was inevitable and pivoted to platform-independent enterprise file transfer software. In 2004 JSCAPE started development on what would become its flagship product JSCAPE MFT Server. Capitalizing on its experience in networking protocols and using its existing libraries as the foundation, the first version of MFT Server was released in 2006. MFT Gateway was subsequently released in 2010 to aid customers in meeting government compliance requirements including PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and SOX.


After more than 20 years in business JSCAPE has evolved and the organization has grown to service the enterprise file transfer needs of more than 1000 organizations in 57 countries worldwide who rely on its products and services to securely and reliably exchange mission critical data. JSCAPE is recognized as a leading managed file transfer vendor for a wide variety of industry verticals including healthcare, finance and government to name just a few.

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