How to setup SFTP public key authentication on the command line

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Most customers who use SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for file transfer automation prefer to authenticate SFTP clients through SFTP keys instead of passwords. Given the numerous inquiries on how to set up and use SFTP public key authentication, we decided to publish how-to articles to help organizations that wish to implement this authentication method in their SFTP environment. This article will focus on setting up instructions for the command line.

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The SSH / SFTP Key Fingerprint And Its Role In Server Authentication

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The first time a user connects to your SSH or SFTP server, his/her file transfer client may display an alert or notice indicating it doesn't recognize the server's fingerprint. What it's referring to is the server's SSH/SFTP key fingerprint, an important security feature that helps users and client applications authenticate SSH/SFTP servers. This post explains how it's used.

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