Reverse Proxy

Reverse proxy servers provide a method for external users to indirectly access internal network services. An example might be a customer who is trying to externally access documents via a SFTP server that resides on your internal network. Normally this could provide difficult if not impossible due to network and firewall restrictions.  Using a reverse proxy server such as JSCAPE MFT Gateway installed in the DMZ can make this process easy and completely transparent to end users.  Learn about the Top 8 Benefits of a Reverse Proxy, the differences between Forward Proxy vs Reverse Proxy or a quick 3 minute video Introducing Reverse Proxy Servers

Reverse Proxy Server Features and Benefits

bullet square blueCompletely transparent to the client - Client-side users don’t need additional configurations to take advantage of DMZ streaming. They simply connect to and use the file transfer service as they normally would.

bullet square blueObscures internal servers - Since all incoming connections are established indirectly via JSCAPE MFT Gateway, external users wouldn’t be able to gain vital information about your internal network. This would make it very difficult for potential attackers to target your internal servers.

bullet square blueSupports any TCP or UDP based protocol. 


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