Automate And Simplify Your EDI With JSCAPE’s AS2 Server

Easily transfer files internally and externally with JSCAPE’s robust set of features

Flexible, Scalable MFT For All Your File Transfer Needs

AS2 Server

JSCAPE’s AS2 Server is Drummond Certified to ensure seamless exchanges with your trading partners. Plus, JSCAPE makes it easy to configure and secure your AS2 transfers with multiple features designed for ease-of-use:

  • Integrated Application Server: Be up-and-running in minutes with no additional software to install

  • Data-In-Motion Encryption: Prevent files from being viewed by unauthorized recipients, with access control for data-at-rest

  • Optional Profile Support: Including MA, FN, FN-MA, Chunked Transfer Encoding and more

  • Support For HTTP/S: Reduce costs and barriers to entry with web-based delivery that eliminates dedicated lines and third-party services such as VANs



Automate File Transfer Workflows

JSCAPE’s Triggers make it easy to automate your file transfer processes without having to write custom scripts. JSCAPE’s low-code workflow automation engine can be used to trigger processes, collect and prepare data, rename files, alert trading partners and much more. Streamline real-time data exchanges with your AS2 trading partners.

Meet Any Compliance Requirement

JSCAPE simplifies AS2 compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX and other data security requirements by providing a range of features and capabilities:

  • Implement synchronous or asynchronous MDN (Message Disposition Notification), enforce non-repudiation and authenticate messages and sources with digital signatures

  • Use two-factor authentication with granular permissions and single sign-on to prevent unauthorized access

  • Gain visibility into all user and administrative activity, with full audit trails


Any File Transfer Protocol, Any Platform

JSCAPE is a one-stop-shop for all your file transfer needs:

  • Any File Type: JSCAPE does not impose file size limitations or other restrictions so you can transfer any files you need including XML

  • Any Protocol: AS2, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, WebDAV, Cloud and more

  • Any Platform: JSCAPE works with Windows, Linux/UNIX, Solaris, MacOS X and more



Easy To Deploy, Easy To Administer, Easy To Manage

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