EDI Server

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic exchange of structured data utilizing agreed upon messaging standards between trading partners. An EDI server is used in a variety of industries to automate the exchange of data such as health care records, invoices, purchase orders, financial data and more. Electronic Data Interchange can be transmitted using any protocol, but it is common to use non-proprietary file transfer protocols such as FTP/S, AS2, OFTP and SFTP and HTTP/S.  Support for each of these protocols is offered in JSCAPE MFT Server.

EDI Server Features and Benefits

bullet square blueScheduled and event driven data transfers - Automate the exchange of EDI in response to scheduled and or server events without the need for human interaction 

bullet square blueRetry or resume failed transfers - Define rules for retrying and resuming failed data transfers

bullet square blueHistorical logs - Comprehensive audit log for use in tracking data transfers and user activity 

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