Secure FTP Server

A secure FTP server enables users to transfer files over secure file transfer protocols like FTPS (FTP with SSL/TLS) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). These transfers can be carried out through either client-to-server or server-to-server configurations.

FTPS and SFTP protocols possess FTP-like attributes. In other words, they support: file transfers involving multiple files, directory listings, directory creations, directory deletions, and other remote file management activities. In addition, FTPS and SFTP protocols already come with security features like: encryption, authentication, and data integrity.

Advanced secure FTP servers like JSCAPE MFT Server typically offer both SFTP and FTPS alongside other file transfer protocols and augment their security attributes with events logging, data-at-rest encryption, additional authentication options, access control mechanisms, password management, DLP, and other features.

Secure FTP Server Features and Benefits

bullet square blueFree license - Fully functional free Starter license with support for up to 3 users

bullet square blueData-in-motion encryption - Keeps contents of files confidential during transmission

bullet square blueAuthentication - Prevents malicious individuals from impersonating legitimate users in order to gain access to files

bullet square blueData integrity - Detects when files have been subjected to unauthorized modifications

bullet square blueLogging - Records file transfer events for future use in activities like tech support troubleshooting, regulatory audits/compliance, or cybercrime forensic investigations

bullet square blueData-at-rest encryption - Keeps contents of files confidential during storage

bullet square blueAccess control - Ensures that only authorized individuals are granted access to files

bullet square bluePassword management - Enables creation of password policies (e.g. minimum password length, maximum password age, use of non-alphanumeric characters, etc.)

bullet square blueDLP - Automatically detects sensitive information such as ePHI, cardholder data, and others

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