OFTP2 Server

The OFTP2 protocol, defined in RFC 5024, is used primarily by the automotive industry for the secure exchange of documents between trading partners.  Unlike AS2 which operates in a single direction where an AS2 station can send documents to an AS2 server, OFTP2 operates in peer-to-peer mode where each peer can both send and receive documents and optionally forward documents for indirect transfers.  Security of document exchange is achieved using a variety of methods including TLS (Transport Layer Security), peer authentication, message encryption, message signing and signed receipts.

OFTP2 Server Features and Benefits

bullet square blueFree license - The only free OFTP2 server to have ODETTE OFTP2 Certified Interoperability.  Free Starter license includes support for up to 3 trading partners.

bullet square blueUnlimited trading partners - NO per trading partner fees.  Your Enterprise license includes support for unlimited trading partners at no additional cost.

bullet square blueIntegrated application server - Be up and running in minutes with no additional software to install.

bullet square blueFIPS 140-2 Compliant - Strong cryptography required by organizations subject to government compliance requirements.

bullet square blueTransaction logs - Help troubleshooters, auditors and digital forensics specialists trace back events if something wrong happens.

OFTP2 Protocol is one of the many file transfer protocols supported by JSCAPE MFT Server. OFTP2 services work best with Triggers, JSCAPE MFT Server’s extremely powerful feature for automating various data/file transfer processes.

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