JSCAPE MFT Server Plugin for Outlook

Email large files and perform ad-hoc file transfers from within Outlook

JSCAPE MFT Server Plugin for Outlook can be used in combination with a compatible Outlook email client (2010/2013) and JSCAPE MFT Server to perform ad-hoc email transfers.

This Outlook file transfer product is available free of charge to users of JSCAPE MFT Server Enterprise Edition.

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Feature Summary

  • Avoid bounced emails due to large file attachments or strict firewall rules at the email server.
  • Avoid clogging recipients inbox with large files allowing user to download files at their leisure.
  • Email multiple files with ease.
  • Receive optional notification when recipient picks up files.
  • Streamline document collaboration both internally and with customers.
  • Restrict access to content after a given period of time.
  • Email files to users without having to create a user account on the server.

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