Automated File Transfer

Automated file transfers infuse speed, efficiency, and accuracy into enterprise information exchanges.

As the lifeblood of business process automation environments, automated file transfers deliver business-critical data from one organization to another without human intervention.

Traditional automated file transfer systems are built using scripts. Unfortunately, scripts rely on the people who write them. Once these people leave, scripts become extremely hard to maintain - eventually rendering the systems virtually unusable.

JSCAPE MFT Server provides automated file transfers through Triggers. It eliminates the need to write scripts altogether.

Features and Benefits of Automated File Transfer

bullet square blueFull automation - By using Triggers, you can fully automate business processes. This can significantly boost speed, efficiency, and accuracy. It can also eliminate human errors and ensure that security policies are implemented consistently.

bullet square blueIntuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) - Triggers are created via a graphical user interface backed by a context sensitive help function that guides you throughout the trigger creation process. This makes all automated file transfers easy to build, modify, and reproduce.

bullet square blueTrigger events - Enable JSCAPE MFT Server to listen to a wide range of events such as file uploads, current time, directory changes, user logins, sent emails, and many others.

bullet square blueTrigger conditions - Allow you to construct various logical expressions for filtering events based on certain event properties such as a file type, a time of day, an email address, the sum of two properties, etc.

bullet square blueTrigger actions - A wide selection from which you can choose to specify how JSCAPE MFT Server should respond to a trigger event. Typical actions include: encrypting a file, disabling an account, sending out a Twitter tweet, sending an email, transferring a file, or archiving files in a ZIP file, to mention a few.

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