For healthcare organizations and professionals, file transfers have become more sophisticated than ever. Regulations like HIPAA/HITECH impose stringent requirements for securing certain types of data during information exchanges, with non-compliance met with heavy penalties.

That's not all. These entities also need to maintain high levels of efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in those exchanges in order to remain competitive and meet the growing demands of their clientelle as well as trading partners.

Because methods like email and script-dependent file transfer systems lack the capability to satisfy all their data transfer needs, many hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, health plans, pharmacies and other organizations and professionals in the healthcare industry are switching to JSCAPE MFT Server

JSCAPE MFT Server is a comprehensive multi-protocol, platform-independent managed file transfer system that's packed with enough features to meet the demands of the healthcare industry.

Features and Benefits of Managed File Transfer Systems 

bullet square blueComprehensive Security - The HIPAA/HITECH requirements are quite extensive, covering various areas for securing ePHI. Because most file transfer systems grossly lack security elements to satisfy relevant HIPAA requirements, they have to undergo complex integration w/ several security solutions before becoming "compliant".

JSCAPE Managed File Transfer Systems are built with the intent to secure. That's why it has an abundance of security right out-of-the-box, including encryption (ex: SSL/TLS, SSH, and OpenPGP), DLP, key management, multiple access control and authentication options, integrity checksum, etc., all designed to work in a cohesive manner and in turn making compliance efforts easier.

bullet square blueEDI / Automation - JSCAPE MFT Server has all the necessary components to help you comply with the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provisions of HIPAA. AS2 allows you to send and receive EDI messages over the Internet, while Triggers enable you to set up a variety of scheduled or event-driven automated transactions minus the complicated scripts.

bullet square blueLarge File Transfers - Data exchanges between healthcare organizations, which may consist of patient records, health claim information, pharmacy data, medical image files and audio files, can be quite massive. Support for protocols like FTP/S, SFTP, and others, enable you to transfer multiple files seamlessly. JSCAPE MFT Server also comes with AFTP, a UDP File Transfer protocol that allows you to maximize your bandwidth's potential when sending files across the globe or over vast distances.

bullet square blueAudit Control - Audit control is one of the most crucial HIPAA Technical Safeguard Standards. Covered entities and business associates are required to have audit controls to monitor, track, and record file transfer activities involving ePHI. This can help digital forensic experts and other investigators retrieve a clear audit trail in the event of a security incident.


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