Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a versatile method used for automatically detecting potentially confidential data. Data Loss Prevention software employs powerful pattern matching operations that can identify character sequences representing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, account numbers, social security numbers (SSN), ICD-10 codes and more.

This DLP solution can significantly boost your regulatory compliance capabilities by preventing ePHI, cardholder data, or other sensitive information from being inadvertently shared with unauthorized individuals.

When combined with event handling, our DLP software offers even greater functionality, capable of kicking off a variety of automated processes.

Features and Benefits of Data Loss Prevention Software

bullet square blueProcess Automation - Robust workflow module allows you to automatically capture and respond to DLP events.

bullet square blueHighly Customizable - DLP rules are built using regular expressions, thereby providing you the capability to copy regexes shared within certain industries for regulatory compliance activities or to construct and specify your own pattern matches.

bullet square blueQuick Start - The default installation includes a collection of DLP rules which you can use right away.

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