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SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) provides for the secure file transfer of files over an encrypted connection that protects both your credentials and data while in transit. Unlike FTP/S, which uses several ports, SFTP uses a single port (default 22) for all communications between the client and server.  This can minimize the potential for firewall issues when exchanging data with your trading partners.

In addition to SFTP, JSCAPE MFT Server  offers support for numerous other protocols including FTP/S, AS2, SCP, HTTP/S, TFTP, OFTP and AFTP (Accelerated File Transfer Protocol) for use in performing file transfers over networks that suffer from latency and/or packet loss.

Features and Benefits

bullet square blueSFTP and SCP - Support for both SFTP and SCP allows for integration with all major file transfer clients

bullet square blueAuthentication - Integrate with existing user repositories using built-in modules for AD (Active Directory), LDAP, database, NTLM, PAM, SSO (Single Sign On), public key and two-factor mobile device authentication. 

bullet square blueKey management - Centrally manage all server keys, client keys, host keys and PGP keys using an intuitive web based user interface.

bullet square blueAutomation - Increase efficiency and eliminate error prone manual processes using triggers to automate business workflows

bullet square blueData-at-rest encryption - Keeps contents of files confidential during storage

bullet square blueAccess control - Ensures that only authorized individuals are granted access to files

bullet square bluePassword management - Enables creation of password policies (e.g. minimum password length, maximum password age, use of non-alphanumeric characters, etc.)

bullet square blueDLP - Automatically detects sensitive information such as ePHI, cardholder data, and others

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