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Any File Transfer Protocol,
Any Platform

JSCAPE is a platform-independent MFT solution that works with any operating system and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. JSCAPE supports any protocol and can handle multiple protocols within one server — AS2, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, WebDAV, Cloud and more. Plus, connect to any SaaS or enterprise application using JSCAPE's REST API.



Meet Any Data Security Requirement

Protect your file sharing and prevent data breaches with multiple layers of security for end-to-end data encryption. Maintain compliance requirements for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, SOX and more with reliable capabilities and functionality. With JSCAPE, you can:

  • Create secure connections without opening ports, providing secure gateways 

  • Scan your network and identify any anonymous access points

  • Use two-factor authentication, granular permissions and single sign-on to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive transfers

  • Gain full visibility into all user and administrative activity, plus get full audit trails for all file transfer activity

Automation For
Real-Time Transfers

JSCAPE’s Triggers make it easy to automate your file transfer processes without custom scripting. Use JSCAPE’s low-code workflow automation to trigger processes, collect and prepare data, rename files, alert trading partners and more. Improve scalability and SLAs by removing manual interventions with secure, hands-off MFT software.



Investing In Your Success

JSCAPE has a goal to get to zero support tickets, striving for perfection so that you get the service and reliability needed to secure your enterprise data movement.

  • 24/7 Expert Support: Support is available whenever you need it via phone, email or web portal.

  • White Glove Onboarding: JSCAPE will actively guide you through installation and configuration, so you get started quickly and successfully with minimal downtime.

  • Quarterly Health Check Reports: Get specific recommendations to improve key areas of your JSCAPE environment and configurations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is enterprise file transfer software?

    Enterprise file transfer software is used to securely transfer information between endpoints, whether internally or with external partners. Enterprise file transfer software is typically designed to integrate with enterprise platforms such as CRM or ERP and can be used to simplify management and regulatory compliance of transfers at the enterprise level.

    See what you can do with JSCAPE's MFT Server.

  • Do I need enterprise file transfer software?

    That depends on the needs of your business. If your team is managing multiple FTP servers and is bogged down with manual processes and troubleshooting, then enterprise file transfer software such as JSCAPE might be right for you. JSCAPE MFT Server can handle any protocol and integrate with your enterprise applications, providing additional layers of security as well as workflow automation.

    See what you can do with JSCAPE's MFT platform.

  • Does JSCAPE include secure file transfer software?

    Yes, JSCAPE's managed file transfer software supports all protocols (SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, TLS/SSL) and platforms so users can share sensitive data with any trading partner. Automate critical file transfers to streamline business processes that involve EDI and other data exchanges, with multiple layers of security, including DMZ proxies and transfer auditing.

    See what you can do with JSCAPE's MFT Server.



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