How To Schedule an AS2 File Transfer

An illustrated tutorial demonstrating how to set up an AS2 server to carry out scheduled file transfers
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In a previous post on automated AS2 file transfers, we showed you how to configure JSCAPE MFT Server so that it would monitor a directory for newly added files and then, each time a new file is detected, transmit that file to an AS2 trading partner. Today, we're going to try something different. We're going to set up JSCAPE MFT Server to carry out an AS2 transmission on a pre-defined schedule.

So, basically, we're going to assume the (presumably updated) file we want to transmit will always be in the desired directory the moment it's time to make that transmission.

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Prerequisites - Set up that AS2 trading partner first

We're also going to assume our server is already configured with all the login credentials to establish a connection to the target trading partner. If you haven't done that yet, I suggest you read the following articles first:

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How To Set Up An Automated AS2 File Transfer

Alright, if you've already created an AS2 trading partner object and done all those configurations, you're ready to set up that scheduled AS2 file transfer. As with all automated tasks on JSCAPE MFT Server, the first thing you need to do is create a trigger.

In your JSCAPE MFT Server administrative web interface, navigate to a domain and go to the Triggers module. Click the Add button to add a new trigger.

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add schedule as2 transfer trigger

Give the trigger a name (e.g. TH AS2 transfer) and select the Current Time event type. Click Next to proceed.

current time event as2 transfer trigger

I want this AS2 file transfer to execute every Thursday at 8 AM. To start building an expression for that, I first select Hour, equal, and 8 from the drop down lists. This will create the first part of the expression.

I then add a new rule to add more elements to the expression.

as2 transfer trigger condition 1

I then repeat the same process to specify the Minute and the DayOfWeek parameters. And so I end up with the expression:

Hour = 8 AND Minute = 0 AND DayOfWeek = 4

When I'm done, I click OK.

as2 transfer trigger condition 2

The next step is to add the trigger action that would perform the AS2 file upload to the desired trading partner. Click Add...

as2 transfer trigger action add

... and select Trading Partner File Upload from the Action drop-down list. Click OK to proceed.

as2 transfer trigger action add file upload

Once you're inside the Trading Partner File Upload Action parameters dialog window, start by selecting the trading partner you want the file to be uploaded to from the Partner drop-down list.

After that, navigate to the file that you want to be uploaded. Click OK to finalize the trigger creation process.

as2 transfer trigger action add file upload parameters

Once the time for sending the file elapses, you can verify whether the file was indeed sent in the AS2 Messages module. So, here, as you can see, the file tpas2-00375.edi, which was the file we selected earlier, was sent at 8AM on a Thursday.

as2 message

That's it. Now you know how to configure JSCAPE MFT Server to schedule an AS2 file transfer.

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