JSCAPE MFT Server Feature Matrix

The following matrix shows ONLY the differences between the Professional and Enterprise editions of JSCAPE MFT Server. If you are unsure about whether a certain feature is supported please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

For a more comprehensive list of features please consult the Feature Summary or User Documentation for JSCAPE MFT Server.

Feature Professional Enterprise
Maximum Number of Domains  5  Unlimited
Accelerated File Transfer  delete  accelerated file transfer
Ad-Hoc File Transfer  delete  ad-hoc file transfer
Maximum Number of User Accounts / Concurrent Connections  250  Unlimited
Mobile Client (iOS/Android)  delete  ad-hoc file transfer
AS2, OFTP2  delete  ad-hoc file transfer
Index, Tagging and Search Capabilities delete describe the image
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Capabilities  delete  data loss prevention
WebDAV/S  delete  describe the image