Matisse Footwear Replaces Expensive VAN with MFT Server

Matisse Footwear replaced their expensive VAN services, but recently switched to JSCAPE's MFT server. Learn how they benefited from the switch online!
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Customer Profile

Matisse Footwear is a lifestyle brand that caters to the individual look of the modern woman. With a focus on quality, craftsmanship and artisanal touches they bring together contemporary design while infusing attitude and effortless edge into their casual aesthetic. Matisse Footwear can be found in major specialty retailers including Nordstrom and Macys, or on their website



Prior to engaging with JSCAPE, Matisse Footwear exchanged data with its trading partners over AS2 and SFTP file transfer protocols utilizing the services of a VAN (Value Added Network). The pricing model for the VAN charged based on the number and size of documents exchanged. As the demand and distribution of Matisse Footwear products increased so did the amount of data sent through the VAN. As a result, Matisse Footwear experienced a significant and unexpected spike in their VAN service costs. It was at this point that they started to look for a more cost-effective replacement.

Matisse Footwear wanted an on-premise managed file transfer solution that could replace their existing VAN. As an organization without a dedicated IT department the solution needed to be easy to manage requiring minimal effort.


JSCAPE MFT Server offered several key capabilities that met Matisse Footwear’s requirements. These requirements included the following:
  1. Multiple Protocol Support – MFT Server supports all major file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, AS2 (Drummond Certified) and OFTP2 (Odette Certified).
  2. Workflow Automation – MFT Server automates business processes in response to file transfer events.
  3. Simple Pricing – MFT Server pricing is all-inclusive with no per message or per trading partner fees.


Matisse Footwear was quick to move, evaluating, configuring and deploying a production version of MFT Server in approximately one week. Utilizing the workflow automation features in MFT Server they were able to automate their data exchange processes minimizing staff effort. Lastly, unlike their previous VAN, MFT Server does not charge on a per message basis, saving Matisse Footwear thousands of dollars per month in transaction service fees.

"Having little experience with EDI data exchange, the JSCAPE MFT Server solution was easy to implement and manage, especially with JSCAPE’s personal support and online blog, answers to questions about the software came to us easy."

Eddie Mendoza