Monitoring Reverse Proxy Services

Learn about the health monitor that comes with JSCAPE MFT Gateway. Monitor reverse proxy services and be notified when one becomes unavailable.
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When a node in your reverse proxy service cluster goes down, you might want to be notified right away. This will allow you to take immediate action and bring your cluster back into optimal condition before something else goes wrong. In JSCAPE MFT Gateway, you can get an email notification through its built in Health Monitor. If you want to learn more about this particular feature, read on.

The JSCAPE MFT Gateway Health Monitor

Ever since version 3.0 came out, users of JSCAPE MFT Gateway already had access to a Health Monitor that enabled the reverse proxy server to conduct routine checks on its service clusters and determine whether any of the member-nodes were down. These checks are normally carried out every 3600 seconds (1 hour) but can be adjusted to any desired interval.

The monitor can also be configured to perform n number of retries in case the service has already been restored. If the service in question is still found to be down at the last retry, the system would then send an email notification to a designated recipient.


Reverse Proxy Email Notification Details

The message in your email notification can be customised to suit your preferences. To specify what information should be included, just click the the Variables button. As of this writing, you can include the Host, Port, and Protocol of the affected service. You can also add the Date if you want.


Email Service Settings

Before your reverse proxy server can start sending any email notifications, you'll have to configure the settings of its email service. Specify the host/IP address, port, and protocol of your email server. You might also have to specify a username and password. Finally, enter the appropriate email address into the From field.


Here's an illustration depicting what a JSCAPE MFT Gateway FTP reverse proxy would do in the event that an FTP server belonging to its cluster suddenly became unavailable.


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