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Managed File Transfer and Network Solutions

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Setting Up a NAS Shared Storage for Your File Transfer Servers

high availability file transfer


JSCAPE MFT Servers can provide high availability file transfer services if you deploy two or more servers and set them up for clustering on JSCAPE MFT Gateway. But to achieve best results, your servers should be connected to a shared storage system. In this post, we'll talk about the advantages of using shared storage and how to set one up using FreeNAS.

How To Set Up a Server To Server File Transfer

multiple trading partners


In a previous post, we talked about typical situations that call for server to server file transfers. We’re pretty sure some of you want to know how they’re actually set up, so we came up with this blog post. In this article, we’ve outlined all the necessary steps you need to take to set up a server to server file transfer.

Protecting FTP Passwords from Brute Force Attacks

ftp brute force

"Always use strong passwords." - You probably don't pay too much attention to this advice, do you? A lot of people don't either. That's why brute force is still one of the favorite techniques for breaking into any password-protected system, including FTP servers. It's really not very difficult to carry out. Let me show you.  

Which Works Best for Encrypted File Transfers - RSA or DSA?

server client pgp rsa dsa resized 600


During the process of generating server keys, client keys, or PGP keys in the JSCAPE MFT Server Manager, you're asked to choose between two supported key algorithms: RSA or DSA. Which one should you choose?

What is an SSL File Transfer?

server keys resized 600


SSL file transfer is a term sometimes used in referring to a secure file transfer protocol known as FTPS or FTP-SSL. FTP is a network protocol used for transferring files, while SSL is a protocol for encrypting information sent over a network. This post is meant to help users understand what FTPS is and what it is capable of doing, particularly in terms of enhancing the security of your file transfers.

What is an AS2 MDN?

as2 with mdn


An MDN is an electronic return receipt which a trading partner can optionally request during an AS2 interchange. The use of MDNs help enforce data integrity and non-repudiation in AS2. In this post, we'll talk more about the value of issuing an AS2 MDN, what options you have when using it, and an overview of the usual configurable MDN settings in a managed file transfer server. 

Active v.s. Passive FTP Simplified

FTP command and data channels resized 600

When a client experiences problems when connecting to your FTP server, one thing you might want to look into is whether you've set your FTP data transfer mode to either active or passive. 

How to Reverse Proxy HTTP In 3 Simple Steps

reverse proxy http resized 600


There may be instances when you'd want external users to access HTTP servers located behind your corporate firewall. A secure way of doing that is by allowing access to those servers through a HTTP reverse proxy. In this short tutorial, we'll show you how this can be achieved using JSCAPE MFT Gateway

Choosing Between SSL Implicit, Explicit, and Forced Explicit Modes

add ftps implicit explicit


There will be times when you'll want to transfer files over a secure connection. One option is to use FTPS (FTP over SSL) which provides data-in-motion encryption through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). When you setup an FTPS service in JSCAPE MFT Server, you'll notice that you actually have 3 modes to choose from explicit SSL, forced explicit SSL and implicit SSL.

How to Reverse Proxy FTP In 3 Simple Steps

reverse proxy ftp resized 600


Do you have an FTP server behind the firewall that you need to make accessible via the Internet?  Here is a short tutorial on how to setup a reverse proxy to your FTP service using JSCAPE MFT Gateway as shown in Figure 1.

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