UDP File Transfer

udp file transferMany file transfer protocols today are based on TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).  Popular TCP based file transfer protocols include FTP/S, SFTP and HTTP/S and can be found deployed across organizations worldwide. 

While these protocols function well under ideal network conditions their performance quickly degrades when encountering less than ideal network conditions of high latency and/or packet loss.  Latency and packet loss are especially common in long distance file transfers (satellite, trans-continental, trans-oceanic) which can make it difficult for global businesses to exchange data quickly and reliably.

What is User Datagram Protocol? UDP file transfer (User Datagram Protocol) is related to TCP in that they are both based on the same IP stack. UDP file transfers, however, do not have the same network overhead as TCP which can make it several orders of magnitude more efficient than TCP when performing file transfers under conditions of high latency and/or packet loss.

JSCAPE offers the UDP-based data transfer protocol in it's managed file transfer (MFT) software utilizing the Accelerated File Transfer Protocol (AFTP).  AFTP is a hybrid TCP/UDP file transfer protocol developed by JSCAPE.  AFTP enables users to accelerate file transfers over high speed networks that are unable to fully utilize network throughput due to high latency and/or packet loss.

Under these conditions JSCAPE software can accelerate file transfers up to 100 times faster than TCP based file transfer protocols.


UDP File Transfer Features and Benefits

bullet square blueUDP-based - This makes it immune to latency and packet loss, and thereby suitable for file transfers that cover vast distances.

bullet square blueAutomation - When used in conjunction with Triggers, AFTP file transfers can be made to execute under a specified schedule (e.g. during non-office hours) or following certain events (e.g. when files are added to a certain directory)

bullet square blueEnterprise-grade security - Because AFTP is delivered via JSCAPE MFT Server, you can easily take advantage of various security components like 2-factor authentication, strong passwords, encryption, access control, and others.

bullet square blueAnyClient support - AFTP is also supported by JSCAPE's free, multi-protocol, platform independent file transfer client, AnyClient. Hence, end users can use AFTP virtually anytime, anywhere.


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