Accelerate Your Business With JSCAPE’s UDP File Transfers

JSCAPE’s Accelerated File Transfer Protocol combines the security of TCP with the speed of UDP

Lights-Out File Transfers For The Whole Enterprise

UDP File Transfers

JSCAPE’s Accelerated File Transfer Protocol is a hybrid UDP/TCP data transfer protocol that accelerates file transfers over high latency networks, enabling high-speed transfers for large files up to 100 times faster than TCP-based transfers.

  • Optimize throughput for long-distance transfers without latency or packet loss

  • Get AFTP file transfers that can execute on schedule or be triggered by specific events

  • Set up high-availability and a centralized configuration datastore for consistency and reliability

  • Empower self-service across your enterprise for common transfers and tasks



Automate File Transfer Workflows

JSCAPE Triggers make it easy to automate your file transfer processes without having to write custom scripts. JSCAPE’s low-code workflow automation engine can be used to trigger processes, collect and prepare data, rename files, alert trading partners and much more. Streamline real-time data exchanges with any trading partners.

Meet Any Compliance Requirement

JSCAPE simplifies compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX and other data security requirements by providing a range of features and functionality:

  • Use synchronous or asynchronous MDN (Message Disposition Notification) to enforce non-repudiation and authenticate transfers with digital signatures

  • Implement access control with two-factor authentication with granular permissions and single sign-on to prevent unauthorized access

  • Gain visibility into all user and administrative activity, with full audit trails



Any Protocol, Any Platform

JSCAPE MFT Server is a one-stop-shop for all your file transfer needs. Send files anywhere regardless of underlying technology.

  • Any File Type: JSCAPE does not impose file size limitations or other restrictions so you can transfer any files you need, including XML

  • Any Protocol: AS2, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, WebDAV, Cloud and more

  • Any Platform: Any operating system (Windows/Windows Server, Linux/UNIX, Solaris, MacOS X and more), cloud service (Microsoft Azure, AWS and more) or cloud storage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are UDP file transfers used for?

    User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is used to avoid high-latency and packet loss in long-distance transfers. As a result, UDP is popular with organizations that have a global presence and a need to quickly and reliably send data across the globe. JSCAPE MFT Server supports UDP through its own AFTP protocol.

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  • Is FTP a UDP file transfer?

    No, FTP is a protocol for transferring data between client and server endpoints on the same network, while UDP is a protocol for transferring data between networks. Instead of UDP, FTP servers rely on TCP which can perform poorly in high-latency, long-distance connections. JSCAPE MFT circumvents TCP’s shortcomings and supports any protocol.

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  • Does JSCAPE support UDP file transfers?

    Yes, JSCAPE supports UDP file transfers. JSCAPE also supports AFTP, which is a hybrid of Transmission Control Protocol and UDP protocols, accelerating long-distance file transfers and broadcasting while supporting authentication and receipts.

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