Ad Hoc File Transfer

ad hoc file transfer

Ad Hoc File Transfer combines the security and reliability of managed file transfer with the simplicity and familiarity of email.

Today, most people turn to either email or cloud based file sharing as their default file transfer solution for their simplicity. Unfortunately, simplicity isn’t the only characteristic needed in file transfers, especially in an enterprise setting.

Limitations of many email and cloud file transfer solutions:

bullet square red Files can be intercepted and viewed by unauthorized individuals, thereby compromising company privacy
bullet square redSubject to often unacceptable size limits that prevent users from sending large, business-critical files.
bullet square redDifficult to monitor, control and audit, thus undermining regulatory compliance initiatives.

Some Features and Benefits of Ad Hoc File Sharing

bullet square blue Equipped with data-in-motion encryption, which prevents intercepted files from being viewed by unauthorized individuals
bullet square blueImmune to file size limitations
bullet square blue Centralized management system designed for strict control, monitoring and auditing

bullet square blueData Loss Prevention automatically detects sensitive data

bullet square blue Supports downloading of multiple files or even entire directories

bullet square blue Ability to notify sender as soon as the message is viewed by the recipient

bullet square blue Restricts access to shared content after a specified period elapses
bullet square blue All these, presented via a very ubiquitous interface: email

JSCAPE MFT Server Ad Hoc File Transfer comes in three forms:

Email File Transfer plug-in

Designed for Microsoft Outlook, this ad hoc file transfer plugin will allow your users to send files securely through their favorite file transfer solution - their email client.

Web browser

For those who don’t have Microsoft Outlook on hand (or simply prefer not to use it), your ad hoc file transfer service will also be accessible thru any Web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Mobile apps

Built for people on the go, JSCAPE's iOS and Android File Transfer Clients can come in handy especially when you're on the road and need to quickly email a large or confidential file stored on your company server. 

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