Convenient FTP Automation For All Your Enterprise Workflows

Streamline file transfer workflows with event automation and FTP servers that can handle any protocol

Lights-Out File Transfers For The Whole Enterprise

Secure File Transfer Automation

JSCAPE’s Triggers make it easy to automate your file transfer processes without custom scripting or command lines. Drag-and-drop automation can be used to move files, download files, rename files, upload files, send email notifications and much more. Improve scalability and save time by reducing manual tasks.




Any Protocol, Any Platform

JSCAPE is a platform-independent MFT solution that works with any operating system. Connect to any remote server, FTP site or enterprise application with JSCAPE's REST API. Send files anywhere regardless of data channel. JSCAPE works with:

  • Any file: JSCAPE does not impose file size limitations or other restrictions so you can transfer any FTP file, EDI file, TXT, XML, batch files and more
  • Any protocol: AS2, FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S (TLS/SSL, WebDAV, TCP/IP), SMTP and more
  • Any platform: Any operating system (Windows Server, Linux, MacOS X and more) on-prem or in the cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS and more)

Flexible Functionality For Convenient FTP

JSCAPE's intuitive user interface makes it easy to configure FTP servers, SSH servers, FTP clients and more behind your Windows firewall. Save time and improve reliability with management tools that make security and efficiency convenient.  With JSCAPE, you can:

  • Support unlimited FTP users, trading partners and concurrent FTP connections from a single pane of glass
  • Share files internally and externally with ad-hoc file sharing, drop zones and Outlook integration
  • Get high-availability, load balancing and passive-active servers to provide consistency and reliability during concurrent high-volume transfers
  • Provide self-service (including web interface and mobile) for common transfers and tasks to optimize business value and improve services




Meet Any Compliance Requirement

Protect your FTP transfers with multiple layers of security and end-to-end encryption to meet HIPAA, SOX and PCI requirements. Streamline compliance with industry-leading administrative tools:

  • Integrate with Active Directory and align SFTP governance with IIS Manager to quickly onboard new users
  • Deploy proxy servers in your DMZ to obscure your internal servers and IP addresses
  • Prevent unauthorized access with multi-factor authentication, password policies and public key authentication (WinSCP, OpenSSH, PuTTY and more) or PGP encryption
  • Gain visibility into all user and file transfer activity, with centralized logging and full audit trails for easy troubleshooting



Meet All Your Secure FTP Needs With A Unified MFT Environment

JSCAPE Makes Managed File Transfer So Much Simpler. Ready To See How?

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