How To Set Up An HTTP File Transfer

To set up an HTTP File Transfer on the JSCAPE MFT Server, go to Settings > Web, check HTTP, and apply default port number 80 for easy access. With JSCAPE, managing HTTP file transfers becomes straightforward, allowing for operations like uploading and creating directories directly from a web browser.
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Of all file transfer services, perhaps the easiest is using HTTP/S as a file transfer service, a.k .a. a web file transfer service. That's because users don't have to install anything. They'll only need to upload or download files from your service for a web browser. If you're using JSCAPE MFT Server, setting up an HTTP/HTTPS file transfer service is also easy.

JSCAPE is a managed file transfer protocol solution that supports any protocol and platform. Fully scalable and flexible, JSCAPE's managed FTP server enables users to handle multiple protocols (FTPS, SFTP, AS2, and OFTP, as well as SSH and SSL/TLS) from a single server. This makes it possible to simplify enterprise file transfers and improve compliance with two-factor authentication.

JSCAPE allows users to meet enterprise file-sharing needs, including HTTP file transfers. Let me show you how it's done.

Getting Started

Would you prefer to watch a video on setting up an HTTP file transfer server? If so, you may play the video below. Otherwise, skip it and continue reading.

To set up an HTTP file transfer service, go to Settings > Web and click the HTTP on the host checkbox. Besides that, checkboxes are two drop-down lists. The first is selecting the IP address or hostname on the FTP client where the HTTP service will listen. The second one is where you select the port number for that HTTP service. You'll most likely want to leave those values to their defaults.

Port number 80 is the widely accepted default port number for hypertext transfer protocol, so if a user loads up your HTTP file transfer service on his or her web browser, that user will no longer have to specify any port number for the web client to make a data connection.

Once done, click the Apply button at the lower right-hand corner to proceed.

set up http file transfer

With the HTTP service now enabled across your JSCAPE MFT Server instance, you're one step closer to simplifying your file transfers. But why stop there? Explore the full potential of our platform by booking a personalized demo and see how easy it is to manage secure file transfers across your enterprise.

how to set up http file transfer - 02

Go to the Services module and click the Add button.

set up http file transfer services

Expand the Protocol drop-down list and select HTTP/S. Click OK to proceed.

how to set up http file transfer - 04

Select HTTP, uncheck HTTPS, and then click OK.


If all goes well, you will have enabled the HTTP file transfer service on your JSCAPE MFT Server instance.

file transfer domain running

Before you can try this out, be sure you already have an existing user account on your server. Here, I have a user named 'user1' that I can use for testing.

how to set up http file transfer - 07

In case you don't know how to create a user, you may read this page on the online documentation or watch the video below.

Now, let's load up our newly enabled web file transfer service. Launch your web browser and enter the IP address or hostname of your JSCAPE MFT Server instance. In my case, I'm going to enter 'localhost.'

When the login page loads, enter the JSCAPE MFT Server domain on which you enabled your HTTP file transfer service. Then, enter the username and password of a valid user account on that server.


Then, you can perform several operations, like uploading files, creating a new directory, renaming, deleting, downloading a zip file, changing a directory, etc.

Let's try uploading a file.

how to set up http file transfer - 09

file upload

set up http file transfer

Get Your Free Trial

Would you like to try this yourself? JSCAPE MFT Server is platform-agnostic and can be installed on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris. It can handle any file transfer protocol and multiple protocols from a single server. Additionally, JSCAPE enables you to handle any file type, including batch files and XML. Download your free 7-day trial of JSCAPE MFT Server now.

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