JSCAPE MFT Server Supports Over 8000 Users for Schlumberger

Case study demonstrating how Schlumberger solved their managed file transfer needs with JSCAPE MFT Server.

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Customer Profile

Schlumberger is a leading oilfield services provider with over 84,000 employees operating in 80 countries with annual revenues of $23.28B.



Schlumberger needed a secure file transfer application that could easily integrate with its existing customer support website and in-house help desk ticketing application. This application would be used by its customers for securely transferring files via the web.

Schlumberger had several functional and technical requirements requirements for this application which included:

  • Secure file transfer
  • HTTP/S based file transfer
  • Integration with existing web portal software
  • SSO (single sign on) support via LDAP authentication
  • Ability to automate business processes based on server events
  • High availability
  • Ability to integrate with an existing load balancer solution
  • Ability to handle large file transfers > 5GB
  • Ability to service over 8000 users


After a thorough evaluation Schlumberger chose to deploy several JSCAPE MFT Server instances to multiple Windows Server environments.


Using MFT Server Schlumberger was able to achieve all requirements. The highly customizable web server in JSCAPE MFT Server allowed Schlumberger to seamlessly integrate with their existing web based customer support portal. Furthermore, by using the web based user interface in MFT Server users are now able to securely exchange files with Schlumberger without installing any complicated client software.

As part of their integration efforts, Schlumberger took advantage of the built-in LDAP authentication modules found in MFT Server allowing it to leverage its existing LDAP user repository. This allowed Schlumberger to get users online quickly without having to manually create file transfer accounts. With over 8000 users this was critical for Schlumberger saving it a great deal of time and system administration resources.