UDP File Transfer up to 100x Faster than TCP

Posted by Van Glass on Tue, Apr 03, 2012 @ 04:57 PM


udp file transferTCP based network protocols like FTP/S, SFTP and HTTP/S are the standard when it comes to performing network file transfers.  Unfortunately, while these protocols may be popular, they may not be the best choice, especially when doing file transfers over long distances.

Using any of the above stated protocols, long distance file transfers (e.g. satellite, trans-continental) suffer from what is known as latency.  Latency can significantly reduce network throughput for a file transfer.  For example, a 45Mbps (Megabits per second) connection may provide actual throughput of only 5Mbps due to the effects of latency, a loss of almost 90%!

Unlike TCP file transfer protocols, UDP file transfer is not affected by latency and/or packet loss.  For more information on UDP file transfer and how to increase your file transfer speeds up to 100x please see the following links below.

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