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JSCAPE released a newer version of our MFT server that supports AS2 servers and iOS file transfer clients. Learn more about the updated app online!

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JSCAPE is pleased to announce the release of JSCAPE MFT Server (8.7). This release includes a number of improvements, highlights of which include added support for AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) and an iOS file transfer client for exchanging files via mobile devices.

AS2 Server

AS2 is a secure and reliable file transfer protocol often used for the purposes of exchanging EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) documents. JSCAPE MFT Server Enterprise now includes support for both sending and receiving documents using AS2. The addition of AS2 to it's already comprehensive suite of file transfer protocols makes JSCAPE the clear choice for enterprise file transfer.

iOS File Transfer Client

iOS File Transfer Client

Many enterprises are embracing mobile devices making the ability to securely exchange files using tablets and smart phones increasingly important. Users can now transfer, view, manage and share files using the free iOS file transfer client compatible with JSCAPE MFT Server Enterprise (8.7 and above) and iPhone/iPad devices. Support for Android devices is also now available.


To download the latest evaluation version of JSCAPE MFT Server please see the download link provided below. If you are a registered user of JSCAPE MFT Server and would like to upgrade to the latest version please contact the Help Desk for assistance. Please see the version history for additional information on this release.


iOS File Transfer Client