Using Trading Partners and Their Benefits

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Perhaps one of the major use cases of a JSCAPE MFT Server installation is to enable secure and automated file exchange between you and your trading partners. If you regularly engage in file transfers with your trading partners it would be worth your while to do so within JSCAPE MFT Server. JSCAPE MFT Server provides a facility for you to define servers (FTP/S, SFTP, WebDAV) of your trading partners. Once defined you will then be able to define triggers that can perform scheduled or event based file transfers.

Configure a Trading Partner's Server

Open up JSCAPE MFT Server and click on the “Add” button to get to the “Add Trading Partner” screen.

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Name – A unique name to assign this trading partner server

Company – The name of your trading partner

E-mail – Email address of the contact person for this trading partner

Protocol – The protocol that their server is using. FTP, Implicit FTPS, Explicit FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV and WebDAV SSL

Host - The hostname or IP address of their server.

Username – The username to use when establishing a connection to the server.

Password – The password to use when establishing a connection tot the server.

Private Key/File – The key or certificate to use when establishing a connection.

Key/File Password – The password of the key if any.

Using Trading Partner Servers in Triggers

JSCAPE MFT Server provide a predefined set of actions that you could use to upload/download files or directory to/from your trading partner’s server, rename or delete files as well as managed directories already on their server. Below is a list of these predefined actions:

Trading Partner Create Directory
Trading Partner Delete Directory
Trading Partner Delete File
Trading Partner Directory Download
Trading Partner Directory Upload
Trading Partner File Download
Trading Partner File Upload
Trading Partner Regex File Download
Trading Partner Regex File Upload
Trading Partner Rename File
Please see reference about trigger action types below.


Aside from the security, another benefit of having your trading partner’s server configuration within JSCAPE MFT Server is convenience and ease of administration. You define their server once and can then conveniently refer to it when creating triggers. If and when they change server details, e.g periodic user/password aging or a change of hosting provider, you only need to modify their server details after which your triggers will continue to work.


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