Updated SSH, SFTP and SCP Java Libraries Released

Updated versions of SSH, SFTP and SCP libraries released.

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updated SSH, SFTP, SCP libraries for JavaJSCAPE is pleased to announce the release of updated versions of it's Secure FTP Factory (9.2), Secure iNet Factory (9.3) and SSH Factory (4.3)  Java development libraries.  These updates focus on performance and security improvements made to the SSH, SFTP and SCP classes in these libraries which include:

  • Added pipelining support to SFTP protocol for increased file transfer throughput.
  • Updated threading model for improved performance.
  • Expanded Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithms to support SHA256.
  • Added support for HMAC-SHA2 algorithm.
These updates are especially important for those customers subject to regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and PCI.


We encourage all customers to upgrade to the latest version.  To upgrade please contact the Help Desk for assistance.


To download the latest evaluation version of these libraries please visit any of the download links provided below.

Download Secure FTP Factory
Download Secure iNet Factory
Download SSH Factory