Scheduling Load Testing Sessions

Demonstrates how to schedule FTP load testing sessions using JSCAPE Load Tester.

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Note: This article was originally published on March 2012 but was updated and re-published on September 3, 2018

When you depend on your managed file transfer server for smooth business operations, it is important to know the limitations of your system. As an administrator, it is ideal to find out your server limitations before your users do. This is the reason JSCAPE has developed a tool for administrators to find out where those limitations lie. JSCAPE MFT Monitor is a great tool for administrators, with its ability to run load tests and measure the performance of file transfer services, among other functions.

One of MFT Monitor's useful features is its scheduler. The scheduler enables administrators greater flexibility and control over their load testing sessions, allowing them to be scheduled at desired times.

The load testing schedulers can be found by going to Monitors > [select an existing monitor] > Edit

edit monitor

When the Edit ... Monitor dialog appears, scroll down to the bottom until you reach the checkbox labeled: Schedule automatic run .... Tick that checkbox and then click Settings.

scheduler automatic run monitor

You should then see this monitor's scheduler.

mft monitor scheduler

This feature adds an extra measure of flexibility and automation for administrators because now you do not have to manually initiate each load test. If you want to initiate load tests during off peak hours you can now schedule these tests for specific times of day, on specific days of the month, in specific months and specific days of the week.

When you enable the scheduling feature, you get five options for configuring the time conditions.

  • Minute - The minute of the hour.
  • Hour - The hour of the day.
  • Day of Month - The day of the month.
  • Month - The month of the year.
  • Day of Week - The day of the week where the 1st day of the week is Sunday.


If you want to schedule your load tests to initiate every day at 5:00 AM, your settings would look like this.

load test schedule 5am

If you wanted to initiate your load tests every Sunday afternoon at 3:30 PM your setting would look like this. (Remember that the Day of Week parameter begins on Sunday)

load test schedule 3 30 pm sunday

If you want to initiate your load tests on the first day of each and every month at 1:00 AM your settings would look like this.

load test schedule 1st day of month 1am

You can schedule your tests to run once or schedule them to be reoccurring. You can schedule multiple tests to run on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. JSCAPE MFT Monitor puts more flexibility and control in the hands of administrators, making server administration much easier.

For more information about JSCAPE Load Monitor this article should help you get started.


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