MFT Security Tip: Encrypting Data-at-Rest

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For today’s security tip, we talk about data-at-rest encryption. When your users upload files to your file transfer server, those files are usually stored in plaintext. The risk there is that, if an attacker somehow gains unauthorized access to that server, he or she could simply grab those files and then view their contents.

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If any of those files contain personal data or other sensitive information, that information can be compromised and you could end up with a data breach in your hands. One way to prevent that from happening is by employing data-at-rest encryption. In JSCAPE MFT Server, data-at-rest encryption is provided through integrations with OpenPGP. You can configure MFT Server so that files uploaded to it are automatically encrypted with OpenPGP.

As there are multiple ways to use OpenPGP in JSCAPE MFT Server, we won’t go into the steps of setting it up here. However, we’ve covered those in detail in separate blog posts and video tutorials. So, you can just click on the links we’ve provided in this post to view them.

That’s it. See you again next time for another MFT Security tip.


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