JSCAPE MFT Server 11 Released

Announcing the release of JSCAPE MFT Server 11.

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JSCAPE, the leader in platform and protocol independent managed file transfer solutions, is pleased to announce the latest release of MFT Server, 11.0.

This new release adds several enhancements for more robust and secure connectivity with trading partners. This includes enhanced AS2 support for several optional profiles that were validated as part of the recent AS2-2Q2018 Drummond certification. Also, MFT Server 11.0 adds a major update to the Directory Monitors module, providing the ability to monitor directory activity on remote trading partners (FTP/S, SFTP, S3 etc.).

The MFT Server 11.0 release also provides other enhanced security and functionality features for our worldwide JSCAPE customers and partners who have deployed on platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, VMware and Mac OS X. Other notable MFT Server 11 enhancements include:

  • Major improvements to Two Factor Authentication support. offering an extensible API and TOTP (Time-base One-Time Password).
  • Major improvements to Triggers module providing ability to export, import and promote trigger definitions between MFT Server instances, particularly useful in high-availability and staging environments.

β€œConnectivity to trading partners continues to be critical to MFT success. This new release allows our enterprise customers to remain at the forefront of the constantly evolving trading partners standards” said Van Glass, JSCAPE CEO.

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