Unlock your potential: JSCAPE courses now available in Redwood University!

Enhance your JSCAPE expertise with comprehensive training on platform navigation, robust security, workflow automation, and compliance.
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Have you heard the exciting news!? Redwood University recently expanded its training resources for JSCAPE by Redwood customers. Whether you're a seasoned user or just getting started, these courses are designed to enhance your expertise and maximize the benefits of the JSCAPE platform.

Introduction to the JSCAPE platform

Get acquainted with the platform's interface, navigation and core functionalities. From robust encryption protocols to streamlined access controls, JSCAPE provides the tools you need to safeguard your sensitive information effortlessly. Explore the world of JSCAPE and discover its flexible, secure and easy-to-use managed file transfer features. JSCAPE MFT Server’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to set up and configure clients and servers, saving time and improving reliability with features that make security and file management simple and convenient. Get started here.

Deep dive into security features

Learn how to leverage JSCAPE's robust security features to safeguard your data transfers. Acquire a deeper understanding of the essential measures needed to bolster security within your JSCAPE MFT Server environment. By exploring various capabilities and employing best practices, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively harden your secure file transfer setup. You’ll learn the core security features of the Server, best practices while implementing proven configurations to mitigate potential vulnerabilities and strategies for ongoing monitoring and maintenance to sustain a secure environment.

Overview of automation capabilities

Discover how automation can streamline your workflows and save you valuable time and resources. Accelerate your file transfers with JSCAPE’s web-based workflow automation that centralizes transfers for easier administration. We’ll show you how to add trading partners, set up directory monitors and create triggers to eliminate manual, time-consuming steps. Reduce human error to increase your business' bottom line.

JSCAPE compliance resources

Stay compliant with industry regulations and standards with our comprehensive resources. Packed with a cohesive suite of enterprise-class security features for data/file transfers, JSCAPE’s secure managed file transfer server can easily meet regulatory compliance requirements as well as stringent security and business goals right out of the box. Resources include FIPS compliance, password settings for PCI DSS Compliance and a comprehensive look at HIPPA Compliance. Check out the compliance regulations here.

Videos with feature highlights and demonstrations

Visual learners, rejoice! Dive into our video library for in-depth demonstrations and feature highlights. The Redwood University team continuously adds to the catalog of how-to discussions and JSCAPE product releases to ensure you have the latest product information. The webinar series offers comprehensive sessions designed to enhance your proficiency, address challenges and empower you to maximize the utilization of JSCAPE. Key features include Domain Search, Outbound Tidal Integration, third-party password integrations and Built-in Antivirus.

Advanced hands-on courses (coming soon)

Take your skills to the next level with advanced courses tailored to empower users through hands-on application. Elevate your knowledge of Advanced Automation, REST API and Development Best Practices while applying your skills in your JSCAPE environment. Stay tuned for training updates as new courses are released!

To sum it up…

So, you want to give Redwood University a try? Look for the registration email sent to your inbox and select the link to set up your account. You can also visit university.redwood.com and click “Forgot Password” to receive a password reset. Once you're in, we recommend beginning with the introduction courses to familiarize yourself with the platform and then exploring the features that can boost your security, productivity and performance.

At Redwood University, our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Whether you're aiming to enhance your skills or stay ahead of the curve in file transfer technology, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Ready to take your file transfer game to the next level? Log in to your portal now and start your learning journey with JSCAPE at Redwood University!