JSCAPE 2024.2: More Enhancements, Big Impact

Learn more about the newest features released in Q2 2024
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JSCAPE 2024.2 is here, with numerous feature enhancements making a big impact. The newest features are designed to make using JSCAPE by Redwood easier than ever, plus some exciting news about JSCAPE MFTaaS. Read on to learn more about how Version 2024.2 will improve your overall JSCAPE experience. Download Version 2024.2 now

New Region Supported: JSCAPE MFTaaS now available for EMEA

JSCAPE MFTaaS is ready to support your file transfer needs in the EMEA region! Managed file transfer can be a big upfront investment for many organizations, so choosing JSCAPE MFTaaS means leaving file transfer management to the experts: Redwood Software.

No more purchasing servers, performing troubleshooting or implementing updates – JSCAPE MFTaaS takes on this responsibility so your teams can get back to other mission-critical work.  JSCAPE MFTaaS is also available to those in the U.S. region. Learn more about our SaaS offering here.

What’s new in Version 2024.2:

Drummond AS2 recertification

JSCAPE has been recertified for interoperability using the AS2 protocol. This protocol is often used to transmit data, like electronic business documents, securely and reliably over the internet via HTTP/S. When a vendor implements AS2, they set up their own interpretation of the AS2 protocol standard and how it performs its file transfer process. With this recertification, you can trust that JSCAPE is compatible and interoperable with other vendors and products using the AS2 protocol, including those that might be in your existing technology stack (or your trading partners’).

Search trigger history by file name

Sometimes when you need to find a file, you may only have the name of the file and no other details. This can make it challenging to locate a file in a long list of completed JSCAPE triggers. With this new feature, you will be able to search trigger history using the file name alone, allowing you to find the file you need more easily without manually reviewing every completed trigger.

Logging for enabled and disabled triggers

Continuing our trigger enhancements, you will now be able to see which user enabled or disabled a particular JSCAPE trigger. Their username will be displayed in the ‘Enabled/Disabled’ column within the main Triggers tab. This is not only helpful for auditing purposes, but can also aid in internal troubleshooting, letting you know who to reach out to within your organization about a specific trigger. 

Support for ED25519 encryption keys

Ensure the privacy and integrity of your files by using ED25519 encryption keys. JSCAPE already supports several encryption keys (including PGP encryption), so this new feature gives you an additional option for encrypting and decrypting your sensitive files. When compared to other encryption keys, ED25519 performs the cryptography process more quickly with more robust security measures involved (~3000-bit keys and 128-bit block ciphers) while taking up less data (signatures = 64 bytes; public keys = 32 bytes).

MDTM command support

Typically, when a file is transferred using FTP protocol, it will be marked with a date and time associated with the file transfer itself. However, some JSCAPE customers may want to know the file’s original date and time information prior to it being uploaded or transferred to accurately understand the file’s true creation date. This is done through a command called MDTM. This feature allows you to enable MDTM commands so that files you receive via FTP can include their original creation date and time, giving you better insight into files shared via FTP.

We hope that these enhancements make big improvements to your day when using JSCAPE. Current customers can download Version 2024.2 by clicking here.

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