How To Automatically Copy Each File Downloaded From A Remote Server

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In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to set up JSCAPE MFT Server to copy each file downloaded from a remote server. If you want to follow these steps locally, we suggest you follow the instructions in the article "Downloading Files Periodically From A Trading Partner" first. This tutorial will only work if you have a separate trigger that performs the download process and that article will help you in that regard. 


There are a couple of reasons why you might want to copy files downloaded from a remote server. You might want to do it for backup purposes. Or there might be a process that's supposed to grab that copy from a particular folder. There could be a variety of reasons.

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So, to set this up, navigate to the Triggers module and click the Add button. 


copy file downloaded from trading partner 01.png


Next, give this trigger a name, say "Copy File Downloaded from S3 TP". 

Next, select the External File Download event type. This will enable this trigger to listen to any file download that was initiated by another trigger. Click Next to proceed. 


copy file downloaded from trading partner 02.png


If you have multiple triggers downloading files from remote servers and you want this trigger to respond only to those downloads originating from a particular server, you will want to specify that in the trigger conditions box likeso:


ServerIP = ""


You can also specify other properties like the local filename of the downloaded file (Name), the server port from which the file was downloaded (ServerPort), and many others, by clicking the Variables button. 

Once you're done with the trigger conditions, click the Next button.


copy file downloaded from trading partner 03.png


We're now ready to add the trigger action that would copy each downloaded file to a local folder

Click the Add button.


copy file downloaded from trading partner 04.png


and then select the Copy File trigger action.


copy file downloaded from trading partner 05.png


To tell MFT Server that it's supposed to copy the recently download file, use the %File% variable. This variable holds the local path of the downloaded file. 

Lastly, specify the path of the Destination Directory. This is the directory where the file will be copied to.


copy file downloaded from trading partner 06.png


After clicking the OK buttons, you should then be brought back to the main screen where you'll see the newly created trigger. 


copy file downloaded from trading partner 07.png


That's it. Now you know how to configure MFT Server to automatically copy files downloaded from a remote server. 


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