Can You Identify The Port Numbers of These 12 File Transfer Protocols?

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Most of these file transfer protocols should already be running on your network. Can you identify their respective default port numbers?



 Answers can be found below but try to guess them first before scrolling down.




Done already? Let's see how well you did...




What your score likely means

  • 12 - Unbelievable. This can only mean two things: Either you work for JSCAPE or you're a rabid fan of this blog. We're hoping it's the latter. :-)
  • 11 - Excellent! You must be a multi-protocol wizard who eats data transfers for breakfast.
  • 7 - 10 - Awesome. You're not only an expert in secure file transfers but also well-versed in EDI and other automated, enterprise-grade data exchanges.
  • 3 - 6 -  You're familiar with client/server file transfers but probably haven't explored business process automation.
  • 1 - 2 - Only got HTTP and/or FTP, right? Time to level up and start learning secure protocols like HTTPS, FTPS and SFTP.


In case you're wondering...

  • AFTP is JSCAPE's accelerated file transfer protocol, a TCP-UDP hybrid for high-speed file transfers
  • AS2, WebDAV, and WebDAVS run over HTTP or HTTPS. WebDAV runs on HTTP, while the secure WebDAVs runs on HTTPS. AS2 can run over either HTTP or HTTPS. 



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