Appriss Retail Achieves High Availability File Transfers

A case study featuring Appriss Retail and their experience with MFT Server and MFT Gateway to achieve high availability secure file transfers.
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Customer Profile

Appriss Retail provides artificial intelligence-based solutions to help retailers protect margin, unlock sales, and cut shrink. With more than 20 years of retail data science expertise, the company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform generates advanced analytical insights and real-time decisions that drive action throughout a retailer’s organization.



Prior to engaging with JSCAPE, Appriss Retail used a legacy application to exchange data with its retail clients for the purposes of preventing loss and reducing shrink. This legacy application lacked high availability features and as a critical piece of the Appriss Retail SaaS platform could not be upgraded easily. Appriss Retail needed a high availability managed file transfer solution that could seamlessly replace their existing solution, efficiently scale to their growing volume of file transfers, and also meet government compliance mandates to protect sensitive PII (personally identifiable information) data.


JSCAPE MFT Server and JSCAPE MFT Gateway products offered several key capabilities that met Appriss Retail’s unique requirements and provided the best value when compared to competing solutions. These core requirements included the following:

  1. High Availability – Both MFT Server and MFT Gateway are designed with high-availability in mind for today’s mission critical business applications.
  2. DMZ Streaming – MFT Gateway effectively streams data between trading partners, DMZ edge locations and network services without any data physically landing in the DMZ. This is of particular importance for organizations that are subject to government compliance requirements (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR) that restrict storage of sensitive data in the DMZ.
  3. Multiple Protocol Support – Both MFT Server and MFT Gateway support all major file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, AS2 (Drummond Certified) and OFTP2 (Odette Certified).
  4. Automated Threat Mitigation – MFT Server automatically detects and responds to brute force password attacks and includes additional threat mitigation capabilities such as AV (anti-virus) scanning and DLP (Data Loss Protection).
  5. Workflow Automation – MFT Server automates business processes in response to file transfer events.


Appriss Retail ultimately deployed multiple instances of MFT Server and MFT Gateway in a high availability configuration, replacing their legacy solution with minimal downtime or impact to their SaaS clients.

Appriss Retail has been successfully running both MFT Server and MFT Gateway for several years and the products continue to serve as key components in their SaaS platform.