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Managed File Transfer and Network Solutions

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Using SFTP On The Command Line

sftp command line list files resized 600


Although GUI SFTP clients are more intuitive to use, some people still prefer to use SFTP through the command line. That's understandable. If you're already familiar with all the commands you need, a command line interface can be so much faster and powerful than any GUI-based counterpart. In this post, we're going to introduce you to the SFTP command line and show you how it can be quite a handy tool as long as you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. 

What Is An SFTP Key?

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What good is an encrypted data transfer if the information it protects still falls into the wrong hands in the end? SFTP is best known for its ability to encrypt data while in transit. But while data-in-motion encryption can secure confidential information as it traverses the network, encryption can't prevent an impostor from carrying out the download himself. For that purpose, you'll want your users to authenticate with the right password and the right SFTP key.

How To PGP Encrypt Every Single File Uploaded By A Particular User

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Some guys in your organization may have to handle lots of sensitive information. Because there's always a good chance their files are going to contain confidential data, it would be best to ensure that every single file they upload to your server get utmost protection. On JSCAPE MFT Server, you can do that by applying OpenPGP encryption on all virtual paths owned by that user.

Required MFT Server Password Settings for PCI DSS Compliance - Part 2

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In part 1, we enumerated all PCI-DSS requirements that directly affected password settings and practices. Here, we're going to show you how and where in JSCAPE MFT Server you can configure settings in order to meet those requirements.

Required MFT Server Password Settings for PCI DSS Compliance - Part 1

PCI DSS requirements


Certain PCI-DSS requirements dictate how passwords should be generated, managed and used in file transfer systems located within or connected to your cardholder data environment. In this post, we'll identify what those requirements are and then point to ways you can meet them when using JSCAPE MFT Server.

How To Automatically PGP-Encrypt A File Upon Upload Using Triggers

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OpenPGP encryption is an excellent way of securing sensitive files on a server. Even if the server is compromised, the information in those files can remain secret. On JSCAPE MFT Server, PGP encryption can be made to execute automatically. You can configure the server so that, as soon as a file is uploaded, the server will immediately encrypt it. 

Using DLP to Protect Credit Card Data - Part 3

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Applying OpenPGP encryption to a file containing credit card numbers

In Part 1, we showed you how to configure DLP on a group directory in order to detect uploaded files that contained credit card numbers. Then in Part 2, we laid out the steps for sending an automatic email notification whenever such files were detected. This time, we're going to teach you how to protect those files using OpenPGP encryption.  

Using DLP to Protect Credit Card Data - Part 2

denied download dlp match

If you followed the steps in Part 1, then you should now have a DLP-enabled group. That group directory will have the capability to detect files stored in it that contain certain credit card numbers. If a member of that group attempts to download such a file, the server will prevent the download from taking place and fire a "DLP rule matched" event. In the screenshot below, a user is prevented by JSCAPE's DLP from downloading a file containing MasterCard numbers.

Using DLP to Protect Credit Card Data - Part 1

01 jscape mft server setup teamgold group users resized 600


A large share of all data security breach incidents involve non-malicious company insiders. In fact, Ponemon's "2013 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis" revealed that an astounding 35% of data security breaches in 2012 were simply caused by negligent employees or contractors. In a file transfer server, where multiple users can share a single folder, such incidents can easily happen.

Protecting FTP Passwords from Brute Force Attacks

ftp brute force

"Always use strong passwords." - You probably don't pay too much attention to this advice, do you? A lot of people don't either. That's why brute force is still one of the favorite techniques for breaking into any password-protected system, including FTP servers. It's really not very difficult to carry out. Let me show you.  

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