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Managed File Transfer and Network Solutions

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What is an SSL File Transfer?

server keys resized 600


SSL file transfer is a term sometimes used in referring to a secure file transfer protocol known as FTPS or FTP-SSL. FTP is a network protocol used for transferring files, while SSL is a protocol for encrypting information sent over a network. This post is meant to help users understand what FTPS is and what it is capable of doing, particularly in terms of enhancing the security of your file transfers.

Choosing Between SSL Implicit, Explicit, and Forced Explicit Modes

add ftps implicit explicit


There will be times when you'll want to transfer files over a secure connection. One option is to use FTPS (FTP over SSL) which provides data-in-motion encryption through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). When you setup an FTPS service in JSCAPE MFT Server, you'll notice that you actually have 3 modes to choose from explicit SSL, forced explicit SSL and implicit SSL.

JSCAPE MFT Gateway 3.0 Released

jscape mft gateway 3.0

JSCAPE is pleased to announce the release of JSCAPE MFT Gateway 3.0.  This release is a major upgrade from previous versions adding several improvements to the clustering module, support for additional protocols, caching of HTTP/S content, and the ability to reverse proxy services without opening any inbound ports to your internal networks.

What is OpenID?

openid rp op resized 600


Web SSO support comes to JSCAPE MFT Server in the form of two widely accepted standards: OpenID and SAML. Earlier this month, we already talked about SAML. So now it's time to get acquainted with OpenID.

What is SAML?

assertion authentication


The latest version of JSCAPE MFT Server (8.8) already supports SAML Web SSO. Although we introduced SSO and its benefits in previous posts, we never went into the details of specific Web SSO standards like SAML and OpenID (also supported by 8.8). But in order to take advantage of any of our Web single sign-on features, you'll need to have at least some basic understanding of each of these two standards. Today, you can start with SAML.

How To Do an iPad or iPhone File Transfer

add new https service


In this tutorial, I'll show you how to carry out file transfers between an iPhone or iPad and JSCAPE MFT Server. This capability is ideal for organizations who have adopted some form of BYOD policy and want to establish secure backups and file transfers between iOS mobile devices and a company-owned server. 

Redefining the FTP Server

man in the middle attack ftp


Your perception of an FTP server may be in need of an overhaul and you probably need to know why.

Securing HIPAA EDI Transactions with AS2

transaction without edi


One of the main goals of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is to improve efficiency in the US health care industry. To achieve this, HIPAA mandates the use of electronic data interchange (EDI) in health care transactions and requires HIPAA covered entities to adopt national standards when implementing EDI.

Protecting FTP Passwords from Brute Force Attacks

ftp brute force

"Always use strong passwords." - You probably don't pay too much attention to this advice, do you? A lot of people don't either. That's why brute force is still one of the favorite techniques for breaking into any password-protected system, including FTP servers. It's really not very difficult to carry out. Let me show you.  

How to Detect Rogue FTP Servers on your Network

built in ftp server in Mac resized 600


Rogue FTP servers can be a menace. Not only do they pose a serious threat to company privacy, they can also stand in the way of regulatory compliance. In this post, you'll learn where these servers come from, what specific dangers accompany them, and how they can be detected.

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