JSCAPE MFT Server Automates File Transfers for Kaplan Financial

Case study demonstrating how JSCAPE MFT Server automates file transfers for Kaplan Financial.

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Customer Profile

Kaplan Financial provides a single source for premier insurance and securities education and compliance solutions to help customers accelerate speed to market, boost revenue and minimize risk.

Offerings include license exam prep, continuing education and firm element, insurance designation programs, CFP Board-Registered Programs, and compliance management tools and services.



Kaplan Financial needed a secure file transfer application that could be used to automate routine file transfer processes.

Kaplan Financial had several functional and technical requirements requirements for this application which included:

  • Secure file transfer
  • Ability to run in a Linux environment
  • Ability to automate business processes based on server events
  • High availability and reliability
  • Ease of configuration and management
  • Support for HTTP/S file transfers


After a thorough evaluation Kaplan Financial chose to deploy JSCAPE MFT Server to a Linux environment.


Using JSCAPE MFT Server Kaplan Financial was able to achieve all requirements. The support for triggers in JSCAPE MFT Server has provided Kaplan Financial with the tools to automate many routine file transfers with a high level of reliability.

Being able to manage their server with ease was also an important requirement for Kaplan Financial. The platform-independent JSCAPE MFT Server Manager component allows Kaplan Financial to easily configure and manage their server both locally and remotely regardless of client environment used.