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Managed File Transfer and Network Solutions

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10 Ways to Make a Server to Server File Transfer Fit Enterprise Use



Server to server file transfers are usually associated with enterprise business processes. Interestingly, some of these file transfers actually don't fit the bill. In this post, we'll share some tips on how you can enhance your server to suit the stringent requirements of the enterprise. 

Secure FTP Simplified

FTP transmits in plaintext


If you google the term secure FTP, most of the definitions you'll come across will fall into one of two groups: those that are just too technical and those that are simply too vague. Some, even contradicting. So if you're an average guy with a not-so-technical background, you'll be walking away with a head all tangled in arcane networking acronyms.

10 Essential Attributes of a Secure File Transfer

sniffing ftp connection


Normally, when people send files over the Internet, they do it through email, FTP, or cloud-based file sharing services. That's perfectly fine if the files you send don't contain sensitive information. But if they do, you would have to employ a secure file transfer solution in order to prevent possible attackers from intercepting, viewing, stealing, or altering the information you transmit. 

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