Remove file by end of month using IsEndOfMonth Function

Posted by Hari Prasad on Aug 3, 2018 2:53:49 AM

This custom trigger function is used to delete a file by end of month. This function use system date or custom date as a parameter. 

See How to Create Custom Trigger Functions for details on installation.


Source code and build instructions

How to Delete a File using IsEndOfMonth Function

Let me now show you how to implement that.


1. Make sure you have IsEndOfMonth function installed

Before creating a custom trigger using function IsEndOfMonth, you need to have build installed in the

server where JSCAPE MFT Server is running.


2. Create a Trigger to Delete a File by End Of Month

Login into admin console of JSCAPE MFT Server > Triggers and Click Add to create a Trigger

Give the trigger a Name and then select the  Current Time event type from the drop-down list. 



Click Next to Step 2 where a condition can be set to execute the trigger.  Now Click Functions button to

select the IsEndOfMonth function. 


IsEndOfMonth function has two method signatures

- IsEndOfMonth(yyyy,mm,dd)

  This method signature is used to check whether a specific day falls by end of month. In order to              make this method to function need to pass the year in YYYY,MM, DD format. 

  For example, In order to check whether  31st August 2018 falls by end of month, the parameters            should be passed as IsEndOfMonth(2018,08,31)

- IsEndOfMonth(date)

   This method signature is used to check whether the current day falls by end of month. In order to             make this method to function need to pass the system date as parameter.System date can be                 retrieved using CurrentDate() Method 

   Use the method as below in order to check whether current day falls by end of month;



Since the event type is Current Time, on what time the trigger should be executed should be set along with the IsEndOfMonth function.

If the Trigger need to run on every day 10 PM add the condition Hour=22 along with IsEndofMonth(CurrentDate()) method as shown below



On Step 3 an action has to be added, in order to add an action click Add button and select the action "Delete File" from drop down list and Click OK



On OK there will be a parameter to input the file name to delete.



Input the required file to delete as above, Click Ok to save the settings. 

That's it. Now you know how to use the custom function IsEndOfMonth and delete a file by end of month.  


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