Perform Directory Virus Scan Using Kaspersky

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This custom trigger action performs a virus scan against a directory using Kaspersky anti-virus software.


Source code and build instructions


 How to scan a directory and remove an infected file using KasperSky

 Let me now show you how to implement that.


1. Make sure you have already KasperSky installed in the server


 Before creating a custom trigger action, you need to have Kaspersky anti-virus software installed in the

 server where JSCAPE MFT Server is running.


2. Create a Trigger for KasperSky directory scan and remove infected files


Login into admin console of JSCAPE MFT Server > Triggers and Click Add to create a Trigger

Give the trigger a Name and then select the Current Time event type from the drop-down list. 




Click Next to Step 2 where a condition can be set to execute the trigger.

Below screen shows a condition that the trigger should execute at 22 Hours 30 minute . Set the condition as Hour =22 AND Minute 30 ( Directory Scan will be performed every day at 22 hours 30 minutes )

Once the condition is set Click Next to proceed




The step 3 asks to add an action, Add the action "Kasper Sky virus Scan" from drop down list. If the action not found read the build instructions (Source code and build instructions) .

Click OK to proceed




The Parameters for the action "Kasper Sky virus Scan" are ;

  • Location 
  • Arguments
  • Output Log


As the name indicates, Location is the path where "kesl-control" process is located. Arguments represent the parameters needed for "kesl-control" command line to work. Multiple arguments can be passed using comma separator. For removing infected files use the parameter as ;




Output log is the file where all scan information will be written.

Click OK to save the settings



That's it. Now you know how to create a trigger to remove infected files on directory scan using KasperSky



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