Many processes in the legal industry involve sharing sensitive files. In some of these processes, like in eDiscovery, the files can be quite voluminous. To avoid possible data breaches during file exchanges, law firms, in-house counsel, and litigation support professionals need to establish highly secure file transfer systems.

Sadly, popular solutions like email and cloud-based file sharing are just not suitable for the job. You're bound to bump into file size limitations and privacy risks. 

 A better alternative would be a managed file transfer solution like JSCAPE MFT Server. JSCAPE MFT Server has the following key features and benefits which make it the ideal tool for lawyers, paralegals, forensic experts, and other people working in and around the field of law.

JSCAPE Managed File Transfer Solution: Features and Benefits

bullet square blueSecure File Transfer - Like FTP, secure file transfer protocols such as SFTP and FTPS allow you to send or receive multiple files, regardless of size, in one go. That's perfect for high-volume file transfer activities like eDiscovery. In addition, these protocols come with encryption, for protecting ESI data from unauthorized disclosures, and authentication, for confirming whether the sending or receiving parties of ESI files are really who they claim to be.

bullet square blueAd Hoc File Transfer - This innovative solution combines the simplicity of email with the superior security and capacity of managed file transfer. By using ad hoc file transfer, law firms, paralegals, and clients can securely share large files without the problems often experienced when sending large file attachments over email. Ad hoc file transfers can be carried using Outlook, any popular web browser, or an Android or iOS mobile device.

bullet square blueDLP - Data Loss Prevention automatically detects sensitive data in electronic documents and prevents them from falling into the wrong hands. This capability is crucial to lawyers who serve clients in industries governed by strict regulations like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, and others, which require certain types of data to be secured.

bullet square blueDMZ Streaming - The reverse proxy feature provides companies a highly secure method of sharing internal files with external users. This can be very useful during eDiscovery, when organizations may have to provide several external users such as opposing counsel, digital forensic experts, paralegals, and litigation support IT specialists access to the same internal servers used by the company's HR, in-house counsel, and IT staff.

bullet square blueFull Administrative Control - The moment litigation is reasonably anticipated, General Counsel must make sure a legal hold is implemented as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. This can be accomplished if all company file sharing activities have been consolidated via a managed file transfer server, which is centrally managed, and not distributed among disparate email and cloud-based file sharing services.  

bullet square blueComprehensive Security - Logging systems, access control mechanisms, data integrity, malware protection, file segregation, and other security features are also needed to keep sensitive legal documents truly secure. JSCAPE MFT Server supports these and more. 

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